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Your veins provide the highways through which your blood travels back to your heart after circulating through your body. When veins become damaged or diseased, seek expert treatment from an experienced, certified vein doctor. In New Jersey, receive the best vein treatments at the Vein Care Center in Paramus, Cranford, East Brunswick, Riverdale or Englewood Cliffs. Call a Vein Care Center in NYC in the Financial District, Midtown Manhattan,  Upper East Side, or Greenwich Village.

    Why Are Vein Treatments Important?

    Veins are the blood vessels responsible for the return of deoxygenated blood from your organs back to your heart and lungs. Any physical change or condition that affects the function of valves or blood vessels requires immediate treatment. Vein treatments restore the normal function of these blood vessels and relieve any symptoms associated with venous disease.

    To perform optimally, veins have one-way valves that keep blood flowing in one direction to the heart, often against gravity. The vein doctors, led by Dr. Jonathan Arad, at the Veins Centers, offer specialized vein treatments at their offices in NYC and NJ. These vein specialists use the latest medical technology for diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of vein conditions.


    What Conditions Require Vein Treatment?

    There is a wide range of vein conditions that require specialized treatment by an experienced vein doctor. These include:

    Dr. Arad, a graduate of Cornell University, Columbia University, and the Medical School of International Health, is an NYC vein specialist and a board-certified surgeon specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of vein conditions. The vein doctor develops an individualized treatment plan after diagnosing your condition.

    What Is Ablation for Vein Treatments?

    When you go for a vein consultation, your doctor seeks to understand the underlying cause of your vein problem. Effective vein treatments used by doctors to treat the condition are vein ablation procedures. These procedures treat varicose veins, which develop due to blood valve malfunction. The procedures your doctor may recommend as part of an interventional treatment plan include:

    • Endovenous laser ablation (EVLA or EVLT). This is a procedure done inside the vein to close it off. The vein doctor uses laser heat energy to destroy and close off an affected vein. This procedure damages the vein so no more blood flows through it, which gives you permanent relief
    • Endovenous radiofrequency ablation (RFA). This is another form of ablation during which doctors use a high-frequency alternating radiofrequency to treat varicose veins and venous insufficiency. The procedure contracts the vein walls, closing them to treat the vein condition permanently.

    These are minimally invasive treatment procedures done at your doctor’s office. Your vein specialist discusses every procedure at length with you, including the effectiveness, risks and recovery. The staff at the Vein Care Center ensure your comfort from the moment you walk in the door.

    What Is Sclerotherapy for Vein Treatment?

    If you have spider veins or varicose veins, one of the most effective treatments is to close off the affected vein. Sclerotherapy is an advanced procedure during which the doctor injects a solution into a vein that prevents further blood flow. The various sclerotherapy vein treatments include:

    • Sclerotherapy for spider veins. Spider veins develop in superficial veins near the skin surface and are easily noticeable. In this procedure, your doctor uses a tiny needle to inject a solution into these veins, causing irritation of the inner lining of the vein. The vein breaks down, and the blood is rerouted to healthier veins.
    • Sclerotherapy for varicose veins. Varicose veins occur in deeper veins. Sclerotherapy eliminates varicose veins. The procedure is the same as removing spider veins, although you may need more sessions for the best results.
    • Foam sclerotherapy. In this form of sclerotherapy, your doctor closes an affected vein by injecting a foam sclerosant. The blood reroutes to surrounding healthier veins.

    Is Laser Therapy Effective for Vein Treatment?

    Laser therapy is an effective treatment for spider veins that is a non-invasive and non-toxic vein treatment alternative to sclerotherapy. The process for laser therapy for spider veins is gentle and involves:

    • Using light energy to break down unwanted tissues
    • Applying the heat from laser light to the spider veins to break down the blood cells in the vein, causing the vein to dissolve

    "Their staff was wonderful, so caring and so kind. I felt like I made the best decision in coming to this vein center as the results have been just amazing.

    Ian B.

    What Are Conservative Vein Treatments?

    The vein doctors at the Vein Care Center always prefer the least invasive approaches before suggesting surgical options. Conservative vein treatments often include:

    • Elevation of your legs to aid blood flow
    • Compression therapy, using a compression stocking, which is effective for multiple vein conditions
    • The use of antibiotics for ulcer treatment and venous stasis ulcers

    Surgical treatment for veins may include removing the errant veins through:

    • Ambulatory phlebotomy. An effective treatment for both superficial and deeper vein problems, the doctor removes the veins through incisions.
    • Endoscopic vein surgery. This is a procedure used to close off your vein. Your doctor threads a tiny camera into your vein through an incision and then uses a surgical device in the tube to close your vein.

    If you have symptoms — such as swelling in your legs, aches, tenderness, visible veins or leg ulcers — contact the Vein Care Center in New York City and New Jersey for advanced treatment of any vein condition.

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