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Choosing a Vein Specialist

One of the best ways to choose a vein specialist is to contact a practice, like ours, with experience in treating vein disorders for a consultation. During your research, you’ll get a sense of the doctor’s experience — or lack thereof. Because vein health is so vital to your overall well-being and appearance, don’t rely on your family doctor for diagnosis and treatment. Choose a doctor who specializes in veins for your vascular problems. In NYC and Northern NJ, you’ll find the best vein doctors at the Vein Care Center. Whether you’re in pain or just tired of your legs looking like a roadmap, call the best vein doctors today for your vein consultation.

What Is a Vein Specialist?

A vein specialist is a type of doctor who’s trained and licensed to diagnose and treat patients with arterial and venous disorders and diseases. The best vein doctors have certifications in:

  • Internal medicine
  • Vascular surgery
  • Dermatology
  • Vascular medicine
  • General Surgery

About 30 million Americans suffer from venous diseases, but nearly 90 percent of them don’t seek treatment — too often suffering long-term consequences as a result. Vein specialists can help with a variety of concerns. In addition to cosmetic treatments for vein issues, a vein doctor specializes in surgery and interventional treatments for arterial and venous diseases.

Any visible vein problems could point to more serious underlying conditions that require urgent diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Jonathan Arad and his team at the Vein Care Center are top vein doctors who use individualized vein treatment for a wide range of vein conditions.

What Conditions Can a Vein Specialist Treat?

Vein specialists treat a wide range of conditions affecting the veins. But the vascular specialists only start treatment after evaluating your medical history, doing a thorough physical examination, and ordering diagnostic tests, as necessary. Common vein conditions and symptoms treated by a specialist in veins include:

These are only a few of the vein problems that a doctor who specializes in veins can treat. Dr. Arad, a member of the American College of Surgeons, is renowned in the treatment of vein disease. He relies on the latest specialized techniques.

Are There Different Types of Vein Specialists?

An early diagnosis of vein problems by a vein specialist makes all the difference in getting the right type of treatment. Effective treatment also starts with the right choice of a vein doctor. You’ll find a range of specialists at the Vein Care Center, including:

  • Vascular surgeons. These vein doctors have certification from the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS). A vascular surgeon has the training to diagnose and manage a wide range of vein diseases, perform vascular surgery, and offer post-operative medical care.
  • Phlebologists. These are trained vein doctors specializing mostly in the cosmetic treatment of vein problems. These specialists help with conditions such as birthmarks, spider veins, clotting, and leg ulcers.
  • Vein specialists. These vein doctors specialize in vascular surgery, invasive cardiology, general surgery, and interventional radiology. They have an ABMS board certification in these areas.
  • Registered vascular technologists. Also known as vascular sonographers, these are ultrasound technicians specializing in vein conditions. These specialists work with vein doctors to view and analyze your veins and report on the imaging tests.

After assessing your symptoms, recording your medical history and ordering some imaging tests during your first vein consultation, your vein specialist reaches a diagnosis.

"I chose the vein care center to remove spider veins because of their knowledge and understanding of the complexity of the vein disease and it was the best decision I ever made. I just cannot be thankful enough.

Dean J

How Do I Choose a Vein Specialist?

With offices in New York City in the Financial District, Greenwich Village Upper East Side and Midtown Manhattan, you can find the best vein doctor at the Vein Care Center. If you’re in East Brunswick, Paramus, Englewood Cliffs, Cranford or Riverdale, New Jersey, you’ll find the expertise, experience, and accessibility at each of those Vein Care Center locations. Choose the qualities that make a vein specialist a top-rated doctor. Consider factors such as:

  • Training, certification and licensing. Whether you need a vascular surgeon or a vein specialist, their training and certification guarantee professional services.
  • Experience and specialization. Consult a vein specialist who has experience treating your vascular problem.
  • Good communication skills. During vein consultations, you can quickly assess whether your vein doctor listens to you and your concerns.
  • Empathy. The best vein doctor shows compassion and genuine concern for you and your needs.

When seeking the best vein doctor, consider the treatment options offered by the practice as well. The right vein specialist offers a broad range of vein treatments, such as:

Vein problems are easy to ignore because some aren’t painful. Dr. Jonathan Arad at the Vein Care Center has the expertise and is up to date on the latest medical technology for correct diagnosis and treatment. Contact the team nearest you today to treat any pain, discomfort or other symptoms caused by venous disease.

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