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Arm Veins

Bulging veins on the arms can produce pain and itching, and besides they’re generally unsightly, forcing you to wear long sleeves even in the summer. You don’t have to tolerate veins popping out of your arms when the knowledgeable and compassionate vein specialists at the Vein Care Center in NYC and Northern NJ can treat them.  Your initial consultation will include an individualized diagnosis and treatment options for your swollen veins. With three locations in Manhattan and five more across Bergen County, Morris County and Union County, New Jersey, the practice has an office near you.

    Are Swollen Arm Veins Serious?

    Arm veins can develop several problems, such as varicose veins, which affect nearly 22 million women and 11 million men. Many people consider the unsightly reddish spider veins or the swollen bluish-green varicose veins on the arms as nothing medically serious. But in some cases, the veins in your arms can develop superficial thrombophlebitis or deep vein thrombosis, which can lead to a life-threatening condition, such as a pulmonary embolism.

    Arm Veins

    Choosing a vein specialist to treat veiny hands and arms is the best way to prevent progression. Dr. Jonathan Arad is one of the vein doctors at the Vein Care Center, who are certified members of the American College of Surgeons. They have experience treating all kinds of vein diseases.

    Schedule an initial vein consultation at one of the eight prime locations, including:

    • The Financial District, Midtown Manhattan, Upper East Side, and Greenwich Village in New York City
    • Paramus, Cranford, Riverdale, East Brunswick, and Englewood Cliffs in New Jersey

    What’s Causing My Bulging Veins?

    Your veins are responsible for carrying blood to your heart and lungs. Veins use a system of valves to push the blood in the correct direction. When you start developing valve problems, some of the blood seeps backward, which causes a swollen vein and sometimes even vein pain. The most common areas for the veins to become visible are on the legs, arms, facehands, or feet.

    There are many reasons for your veins to start appearing under your skin or even popping out, including valve failure. Other reasons for bulging veins include:

    • Gender. While men develop problems with arm veins, studies show that women are more at risk.
    • Age. For most people, the aging process plays a big role in arm veins. Over the years, veins lose their elastic nature, causing the valves to close inefficiently. Sometimes, teens and those under the ages of 40 develop a venous occlusion, where the veins in the arms become blocked or pinched.
    • Genetics. If someone in your family suffers from venous disease, you’re more than likely to suffer as well.
    • Smoking. Years of smoking cigarettes can damage your veins.
    • Obesity. Extra weight makes you susceptible to developing arm vein problems. The extra weight stresses your entire body, including your veins.
    • Female hormones. Becoming pregnant or taking contraceptive pills can also cause vein problems.
    • Blood clotting disorders. Conditions like systemic lupus erythematosus can affect your veins.
    • Cancer. Depending on the type of cancer, it definitely can damage your veins.
    • Diabetes and hypertension. These two medical conditions, often associated with obesity, can cause harm to your veins.

    When Should I Consult a Vein Specialist?

    Leaky veins are a chronic condition that can affect arm veins, while venous insufficiency causes the blood to pool due to faulty vein valves. You can also develop a venous stasis ulcer, which appears as an open sore on the skin. The symptoms of these conditions aren’t usually hidden.

    When your arm veins display a range of symptoms, have a vein specialist, like Dr. Arad, examine your veins. It’s the only way to get faster treatment. Before visiting the nearest location of the Vein Care Center, write down all your symptoms to share with your doctor. Symptoms of vein issues include:

    • The appearance of knotted clusters of veins on the arm
    • Spider-like red blotches
    • Swelling in the veins in the arms
    • Painful hard lumps under the skin
    • Red skin that is warm to touch
    • A sensation of heaviness in the arms


    "I just wanted to thank everyone at the Vein Care Center for the great care you provided me with. The results were just amazing. Impeccable work. Thanks and gratitude!

    Karen H.

    How Are the Veins on My Arms Treated?

    You can’t start treatment until your vein specialist determines a diagnosis. In general, the appearance of varicose veins is the first sign that something isn’t right with your cardiovascular system. Your vein specialist may suggest treatments that tackle your varicose veins to stem the progression. But Dr. Arad looks to treat the cause of your vein issues, as well as the cosmetic results. You may require minimally invasive procedures that include:

    Whichever procedure is the most appropriate for you, you get the best treatment at the Vein Care Center. Rest assured that your vein specialist has the training, knowledge and experience to take care of your vein problems. Contact the nearest location today.

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